ECM secret weapon

A new weapon
against skin sagging

To improve face oval,
skin texture and cohesion

Remarkable innovation: anti-gravity effect!

ECM SERIES from DERMEDICS® is a collection of professional dermocosmetics designed for intensive anti-aging procedures targeted on skin re-densifying which in ultimately leads to visible lifting and jaw line shaping - contouring effect.

ECM SERIES stimulates elastin synthesis as well as it favours a correct and functional elastic fibre architecture by inducing the most important elements involved in tissue structure.

Thanks to its properties ECM SERIES is recommended to treat all skin areas with visible losses in skin's structure and its cohesion on face and neck which lead to the creation of deep furrows, very deep wrinkles and sagging skin (lack of firmness and elasticity).

Unique properties of products allow them to be effective also in reduction of the appearance of stretch marks and scars (including post-acne scars).

ECM = acronym from: Extra-Cellular Matrix.
ECM is a network of non-living tissue that provides support to cells.
The term “extra-cellular” literally means “outside the cell”- which explains where the matrix is located.

Below you can find detailed description of each product in this line.